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The material on this site is owned by Samuel Penn, and any queries should be directed there. Most of the material on this site is licensed under CC-BY-SA.


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Campaign Settings

Islands in the Rift - A Traveller campaign.

City of Monuments - Some sketchy plans for a Pathfinder game based in Magnimar using Roll20.

Hestmark Highlands - Notes and maps for a D&D 3.5 campaign originally set in and around the Hestmark Highlands in the World of Greyhawk using Roll20. It has since moved on to Epic play, and is going through the classic D1-3, Q1 series of modules.

The Midnight Saga - An Ars Magica saga set in a Mythic Europe where the Infernal has dominance. This campaign ran from early 2012 to January 2014.

Habisfern - A campaign world which was designed along with Yags, so fits that game system pretty well. A fantasy setting, without a multitude of character races.

Mortals - A science fiction setting in the far future, where humanity has taken control of its destiny and has colonised the stars.

The One Time - A universe spanning network of wormholes linked together by relativity and time dilation into a single time spanning billions of years. For humanity though, there is no future.

ArsMagica Greyhawk - An Ars Magica game set in the World of Greyhawk.

The Land of Kythe - Originally an AD&D setting that was converted to my own system some years later. It was in use from about 1989 to 1995.

Campaign Journals

The following chronicles are of roleplaying campaigns I have played in. I had a habit of taking notes during the sessions (partly due to poor memory on my part), and where possible I have written them up.

The Nineties

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