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Rebel Forces

With the rapid increase in technology, armoured vehicles have grown in capability. Most modern armies are equipped with a large number of Grav vehicles, capable of moving across most types of terrain at high speed. Equipped with fusion power plants, they are able to mount energy hungry weapons of devstating efficiency.

However, not everyone can afford the latest and greatest weapons of death and destruction. More importantly, not everyone has the industrial capability to keep such modern weapon systems running smoothly. The latest Grav Tank with its high powered Mass Driver Cannon is all well and good, but when it breaks down you need a team of nuclear physicists on hand to fix it, as well as a good supply of spare parts.

Rebel forces on many planets quickly discovered that it was far easier to keep old designs running than getting hold of newer models. The following army list is made up of vehicles mostly using outdated technology, designed for use in low tech worlds or when fighting guerilla actions against occupying forces of superior technology.

Colour Schemes

The colours commonly used favour a dark green base with light bordered dark stripes. Using the Games Workshop paints, Snot Green is the base, with Catachan Green for the main stripes and Camo Green for the light stripes.

Vehicle Designs

The following specifications are for the most common varients of these vehicles.

Hover Jeep

The Viper is a lightly armed hover Jeep, designed to get a small number of men anywhere fast. Infantry will often be equipped with rocket launchers or guided missiles for use in guerilla actions.

1 2 0

Hover APC

A heavily armed, armoured personnel carrier using a hover drive system enabling it to function in coastal, swap or plains regions with equal capability.

2 2 0


Designed to get troops into a location as quickly as possible. Sometimes doubles as medivac.

3 3 0

Light Hover Tank

Designated as a light hover tank, the Mamba is equipped with an oversized gun designed to take out heavy armour and then get away fast.

3 3 1

Heavy Hover Tank

The Cobra is a relatively slow moving tank equipped with a fusion cannon designed to punch through armour. It is a short range weapon, but if the Cobra can get close to its targets, it can generally take them out.

3 3 1

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