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Arcana represents the various arcane spellcasters in Magnimar. They will be interested in sourcing unusual spell components, following up on rumours of ancient magics, and generally trading knowledge and obscure items.

There is no single representative faction, though the Golemworks will be behind a lot of the requests.

Prestige Awards

Rep PP Cost Award
1 Common Arcane Scribe I. You can transcribe a copy of a single common arcane spell of up to third level into your spellbook. No deciphering or Spellcraft checks are necessary. Takes one day, and you need to pay the standard cost of the spell.
2 Regular customer. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on any diplomacy check when determining how long it takes to have an item crafted.
3 Rush job. You can gain a +5 bonus on your diplomacy check for each PP you spend to determine how quickly a magic item is created for you.

Spell Components

The wizards of Magnimar always have a use for the body parts of unusual creatures for use in spell research. As such, they will pay for dead creatures as long as they are in good condition.

Creature Type Price / HD XP / HD Reputation
Aberration 100 30 +1
Construct 100 30 0
Dragon 250 75 +1
Magical Beast 75 20 0
Ooze 75 20 0
Outsider 150 50 +1
Undead 75 20 0

Base reputation gained is +1 / 4 HD or part of the creature. Price and XP provided is reduced (halved, thirded, etc) for each subsequent one of that kind. Reputation is reduced by one for each duplicate. They are only interested in one of each creature type a month. Duplicates would have to be brought in in subsequent months.

Magic Shops

Current Stocks

Minor Items

  • Potion: Penumbra (1st)
  • Potion: Cure Light Wounds (1st)
  • Scroll: (2nd)
  • Scroll: (2nd)
  • Scroll: (2nd)
  • Scroll: (3rd)
  • Scroll: (2nd)
  • Scroll: (2nd)
  • Wondrous item: Gloves of Swimming and Climbing

Medium Items

  • Ring: Minor Spell Storing
  • Scroll: (4th)
  • Scroll: (3rd)
  • Potion: Cure Light Wounds (1st)
  • Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds (3rd)

Major Items

  • Ring: Major Energy Resistance (Cold)
  • Ring: Protection +5
  • Weapons: +2 longsword

Other Items

There is a chance of an item of up to 2000gp in value being present. The base chance is 75%. Items requiring a caster of more than 3rd level are not available in this way.

Getting Items Made

It takes 1 week per 1000gp of the base price of the item to make it (this is an increase on standard rules), to a minimum of a week. Potions and Scrolls take the normal time.

Finding someone to make you an item can be difficult, and most wizards and clerics have their own work to do, or will be working on items for other customers. Finding someone to make an item can take time. Each week, roll a d20, modified by any bonuses from your reputation.

CL d20 DC
1-3 12
4-6 16
7-9 24
10-12 32
13-15 40
16-18 48
19+ 56
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