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The material on this site is owned by Samuel Penn, and any queries should be directed there. Most of the material on this site is licensed under CC-BY-SA.


Roleplaying Systems

I've designed a number of tabletop roleplaying games over the years, the last two of which are available here. My gaming experience started with the Fighting Fantasy books, then I moved onto AD&D and D&D. Then AD&D 2nd Edition came out, and soon after that we started playing other game systems.

Original Systems

Yet Another Game System

YAGS is my current system of choice, and is a fully GPL'd tabletop roleplaying game. I started designing it in 1995, and it's been used on and off since then. Currently, I'm focusing on modern and science fiction, but it started life as a fantasy game system for my new campaign world. It's relatively generic, but is designed to be modular rather than having a single set of rules.

The system has its own site, which can be found at


Myths was the system that I wrote after I fell out with AD&D. It was designed to fit my AD&D campaign world at the time, so started very similar to AD&D in feel. It had no character classes and levels, a highly flexible magic system and used a roundless combat system.

It has some details here.

The Dark Wheel

This was a system I wrote whilst at school which didn't get very far. As the name suggests, it was based on the Elite computer game, using a system a bit like Rolemaster. I have no records of this system.

Fighting Fantasy Multiplayer

The first ever true roleplaying game I played was one I wrote based on the Fighting Fantasy game books. I was ten or eleven at the time, and it was a mishmash of Doctor Who, Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was probably very similar to FF, but used the idea of me taking the part of the book, and the other players running through whatever adventure I came up with.

Then someone brought in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and we all moved to that.

Other Games

Games I've Played

Trying to build a list of the RPGs I've played.

  1. AD&D/D&D/2nd/3rd
  2. Pathfinder
  3. Rolemaster
  4. Ars Magica
  5. Star Wars D6
  6. Judge Dredd
  7. Recon
  8. Vampire
  9. MERP
  10. TORG
  11. Amber
  12. Traveller
  13. WHFRP
  14. Runequest
  15. Legend of the Five Rings
  16. Edge of the Empire
  17. Delta Green
  18. Cthulhu
  19. Pendragon
  20. GURPS
  21. Conan 2D20
  22. d20 Modern
  23. True20
  24. Dark Heresy
  25. Blades in the Dark
  26. BESM
  27. Bushido
  28. Eclipse Phase
  29. Alternity
  30. Cyberpunk
  31. Shadowrun
  32. Twilight2000
  33. Paranoia
  34. Fading Suns
  35. Zweihander
  36. D6 Adventure
  37. The Laundry Files
  38. The One Ring
  39. Deadlands
  40. Talislanta
  41. Space 1889
  42. Shadows of Esteren
  43. Kult
  44. 7th Sea
  45. Chill
  46. Maelstrom
  47. Over the Edge
  48. Gumshoe
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