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Marlow Light Freighter

The Marlow Light Freighter is a 2,600t bulk carrier, used in the ore and agricultural industries. With a Jump-2 drive, and 2G of thrust, it is designed for servicing worlds outside of the standard main line.

This is my latest TAS product, a short supplement containing full details for Mongoose Traveller, as well as deck plans, 3D renders and tokens for use in a VTT.

The deck plans are 128px resolution, since Dungeondraft couldn't handle exporting to the full 256px for a ship of this size. This is not a ship that PCs will typically use themselves, but it is the sort of ship that might be encountered at starports.

As part of my renewed interest in creating ship designs, I've also put together Mongoose designs for some of the ships from the 1984 version of Elite. They have 3D renders and deck plans, as well as a history and description of the ship. Each is about 4 pages in length. There's four at the moment, but I plan to flesh this out over time.

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