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2010/10/28 - Ascension

We Ascend. Two years pass.

Amaranthene Crime Syndicate. Business meeting at the Golden Squig. They were involved with the House of Dust auction, and are here to discuss something probably dodgy.

Mr Bestran Mr Vontilia

Go in via back door, see a Mr Wilkins and request access to their security and surveillance.

Find out which table they will be sitting at, and book a table next to it.

Syndicate: Have a reputation of good communication discipline, so surprising that the information got to us.

Madison Groove - Shadowing expert brought in to help. Also bring in a security team to handle surveillance.

Next day, the two turn up for lunch and we get some video footage. Zuriel and Madison outside waiting to tail whoever comes out first. One of them, Bestran, leaves, goes to spaceport. Going to free trader Profit Margin. Bound for planet Malfi.

Arrest him and take him to the Inquisitor HQ.

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