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2011/01/20 - Rogue Traders

I'm feeling more agile and more intimidating.

Why were the Eldar messing around on the station?

Captain Eloise Selenek comes to meet us after the explosion. She has big hair and big lungs. Possibly not big brains. She is a rogue trader. Peri and Zuriel go back with her to her quarters to discuss what happened. Peri asks her to scan for incoming/outgoing things. The Captain is most helpful and offers the services of the council.

She has a PA called Jenkins. She provides us with a soldier named Philbeam to ensure our access to whatever we want.

We go look at the records. Then we head to find an astropath, when Cain calls us to say that he's found a storeroom with people in it, and would like some backup. Philbeam leads us quickly towards the location. We turn up to find Cain guarding 3 guys in a storeroom.

The guys are taken away and we search the room. According to the inventory there are a number of missing crates. Trick is fetched to question the three guys.

In the mean time, the ship 'It's Just Business', captained by Glarkiss, starts leaving the station, despite a hold put on all travel. We have limited in options since we don't have anything fast enough to catch it, or big enough to shoot it down.

Records show that this ship often heads out into the abyss.

More questioning of the third guy by Philbeam. There is blood and other mess. The ship that last delivered to “It's Just Business” was “The Fenk's Glory”, Captain Flenn. He is charted to run the trade route to Fenk's World. He has been shipping in people. Was dealing with Zardok. Several thousand people were shipped through here a few times a year. They have been sent to “It's Just Business”.

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