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2011/01/26 - Chasing Business

We are on the “Expediant Profit” chasing after the “It's Just Business” using the object compass we found. Cain starts getting bored and investigates how to glue together different weapons into a single big weapon. We try to ignore him. Peri is also bored and sleeps with random people, in between doing financial stuff.

Two weeks pass. Then another week. We emerge into real space in deep space.

The navigator, Endineon, thinks that we're pretty close to our prey. A large object has been detected within a few thousand kilometres. On the screens is a fairly bog standard space station, pretty basic. According to our captain, it is a type 12B 'Bold Endeavor' class space station. About the same size as our ship.

There are indications of another object nearby, larger than us, idling. Somewhat weird readings coming from both the ship and the station, as well as some other strange readings further out. There are signs of battle damage to both the station and ship.

Long range signatures may be weapons fire.

We head in towards the station, our object compass still pointing directly at it. As we approach, the station fires upon us causing light damage, but there are a few casualties, including some of those Peri slept with. Trick is hit on the head, and taken to med bay.

We grab a shuttle and head across to the station. As we dock, the captain informs us that a couple of signatures are starting to head in towards the station. They are about 5 hours away.

In the station, a bit dingy and a strange smell. We head into the depths of the station. We find a store room which is filled with stasis booths, about 1000 of them. Filled with people.

Moving on, we hear what sounds like a big gun fight. Seems to be dark eldar fighting some station personnel. We try and find another way around, avoiding battle damaged area. Next route smells really bad, of bodily fluids and disinfectant. There are vats of strange growing stuff. We move on. There is a room with a strange tentacular growth that looks like an oversized sea anenomy.

We come across a door which doesn't respond to our inquisitorial keys. Cain burns through it with applied demolitions. Through the door there is lots of icky stuff. We find a way into service passages and work round into the central hub.

Inside the hub, there is more icky stuff. This time we can't avoid it. We head to where the compass is pointing, and try to ignore the quivering of the icky walls and floor. There is the sound of combat again, sounding like eldar and slough weapons being used. There is a brief discussion of marching order, and since Peri insists on carrying the compass, she goes first, backed up closely by Zuriel.

Icky door which has a three finger lock which Peri opens by sticking her hand in. Come into a room full of instruments and cojugators. There is another door with a security lock which Peri sticks her fingers into again. This time she is grabbed, and Zuriel tries to cut her free. The closeness of the cut motivates her to pull her hand free.

Message from the ship, the aliens are getting closer.

However, we are getting pretty close to the destination. We come out into a big open space, a big rounded cylinder with lots of gantries and things. There is a central command area in the middle. It is all ickified. The compass is pointing to a location near the command bit.

We make our way across. Guarding the door to where we want to go is some icky tentacular thing. Peri blasts it with her melta gun, but it is still standing and fires a bolt of green energy at Zuriel, missing. Zuriel darts in and slices at it, finishing it off.

Reaching the control room, there is a cloaked figure in there and various people working the controls, as well as another tentacular construct thing. There is a sheet of transparant material across the door.

Peri opens the door, Zuriel steps in and kills the construct with a couple of cuts, dodging round to the side. Cain follows in behind and takes cover. The hooded thing fires a green beam at Cain, missing, taking out a console.

Zuriel charges, and hits it twice. Cain attacks from behind. The hooded thing strikes back at Zuriel with a storm of blows, hitting once. Zuriel strikes back, but before he can deliver a killing blow one of the humans leaps in the way, taking the blow upon himself. There is a green flash, and the hooded thing burns his way down through the floor.

Peri downloads data from the machines, Cain kills the remaining humans. We grab some of the artifacts stored near the other compass end point, and leave. We get to our ship and start thrusting away. One of the alien ships is closing quickly and getting within shooting range.

There is a rapidly moving object towards us, then the slough ship explodes, as does the station under fire from pinkly purply rays. Then we jump.

Video show that a small object about 100m in length appeared close to us. It doesn't look eldar in form. It looks a bit like a Cleopatra's Needle, with solar panel like projections out the back. This is the thing that fired the pinky purple rays. It looks crystalline like the control systems we've found before.

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