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2010/12/02 - Artillery and Allies

First Impressions are important

Just had a most interesting conversation about focusing one's attention with Inquisitor Rothe. Note to self, must work out who else is an associate of Senior Inquisitor Franklin. One has to admire someone who starts their subtle threats in the Artillery Strike category; it shows an interesting commitment to getting the job done and a worrying lack of precision methodology.

Actual conversation was about the files of the late, and unlamented by Franklin and Rothe, Inquisitor Stelgar. Apart from the late Stelgar's lack of capacity to take a polite hint he seems to have been a very efficient investigator. His files have a lot on the Amaranthine Syndicate and its dealings. Fascinating stuff; almost as fascinating as the question of what was I doing that brought Rothe to my door. Fallout from Herod perhaps? Well that is a question for later.

I have been working on Stelgar's files for hours now; I only have the early obvious shapes from the quick study. This is going to take some time, I think I need to ask Frost for the White Sage or at least some of his time to help in this research. The syndicate is on the surface simply a mutual support organisation of Traders and Chartist Captains who operate in the Jocean Reach with ties to Minor Noble Houses in the Calixsis Sector. There are some indications that another minor house one House Marillis is poised to join. This may be a useful point to get inside the security of the Syndicate that has been absurdly tight so far. Especially as House Marillis are having a celebration of their new alliance.

I will need to work on these files father but first I need to brief the others and ask them to look into House Marillis for me.


From what I can see so far there is an interesting web of supply and demand in many things including Xenos artefacts being managed by the Amaranthine Syndicate. The syndicate is on the surface simply a mutual support organisation of Traders and Chartist Captains who operate in the Jocean Reach. Stelgar's data indicates that they are actually the key to a flow of Xenos filth from the Hazaroth Abyss via the Jocean Reach into the Calixis and Ixamiad Sectors and thence Corewards. Much of this seems to be centred around Carthid in the Jocean Reach. The Syndicate have been using subtle pressures including Piracy to undermine the economic successes of their Rivals. Then the offer of “Mutual Support”; well at least they're efficient and clever, clever bastards.

I wonder how the others are getting on with House Marillis. Interesting family that one, noted for their charity work. Old Lord Marillis is off world but his heir Lady Jessica will be at the celibration. She has had a long association with Caarn a Rogue Trader who is a member of the Amaranthine Syndicate. I wonder why people have long term associations like that; it has been my experience that in my family that that kind of thing only leads to adultery and assassinations. Much easier to simply fuck them and avoid messy stuff like burning and exploding Psykers.


The others have found out that there have been a number of unexpected deaths in the retainers of House Marillis in the last few weeks. Worrying, especially the cause of death, I suspect the actions of the Ruinous Powers. However I have no time to investigate this at the moment as I must go to House Marillis' Party. Luckily I have received an invitation as Isabella Cantini. Funny it has been so many years since I was myself that Isabella almost feels real. I wonder if I will ever hear another person use my birth name again; I believe Frost may be the only person who knows to connect me with it now.

At House Marilliss

Well Trick has been defeated in a duel by Elsagerry Crinn; Elsagerry is a former bad, bad Playwright. Zuriel has met up with his old girlfriend (who has very bad taste in clothes and men) from the Joyous Choir. My first bodyguard used to teelme adventure stories to get me to behave; they always started in taverns or with the hero getting a job clearing rats out of basements. Well Melina is a bit like that rat job for Zuriel and he probably would have been better off killing the rats in the basement rather than fucking them when we first me the Choir. I do not need the Joyous Choir and their Heresy in my Xenos investigation.

Later at House Marilliss

It gets worse. In increasing order of annoyance

  1. The Joyous Choir hare providing religious themed orgies as Prty Entertainment.
  2. I have gone public as An Inquisitor in one of my Identities
  3. House Marillis have a vault of Xenos artefacts
  4. Someone has stolen a Xenos artefact from said vault

I have called in the Inquisition Troops and this one can get sorted out at the Tricorn Palace once I have had a nice cup of Tosc.

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