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2011/01/13 - The need to read Eldar

I need to know more; there are too many things converging here. Not just the slaug and the Amaranthine Syndicate; now the traces tie to the Serrated Query and the Dark Eldar. Why always in pairs? Why one half of the pair Xenos and on half human? Are there really multiple couplings or is ther only one paring; human and Xenos? I need more information; I need more evidence; I need to puzzle this out.

I should have learned the Eldar tongues; I had time in the Haarlock period. I spent it unwisely; I didn't have the time to work out who to trust, I needed to act. They were right; the quick and the dead. Well, I'm not dead yet and I won't make this mistake again. Others perhaps but not this one.

WHy are the Dark Eldar here? They are raiders, theft and murder in the dark, not direct confrontation. Either they haven't found what they are looking for or it is not precisely portable. They have tried to destroy the station, to isolate the world. What they tried was risky; it would have been easier to just steal whatever they wanted. Unless they haven't found it or can't steal it. Is it the world or something on the world? Whatever it is it was worth enough to take the risks to destroy the station. So they will be back; soon. I need to get back down there; I need to use the Map again; to see what else is there. So I need to be able to read Eldar. I wonder if the dead man had any books on it; well it will be something to check.

We need backup too when they come back. I doubt the station will be anything like useful; I think the vested interests will only want to protect the Cold Trade. If we don't die and get to report back this will seriously fuck up their business model. God Emperor, if there was a partnership or a shared interest between the Slaug and the Dark Eldar then this is valuable enough to throw that over. I'm fairly certain that not only will the Drak Eldar be back soon but the Slaug will be showing up too; that lot don't seem like the forgiving kind. Just what we need to get caught in that crossfire.

Can we get backup? Are there more of those bombs? I need to see what the crater is like planetside. I need to know more. What is Frost hiding? Too many of the missions that he sent us on tie together here; this is not looking like random chance; this looks like Frost's long term planning playing out. I have not knowhing whats going on; I need more information.

I'm running out of options too; first Isabella now Peri. I don't look forward to being myself again. I have to keep busy, I have to keep my mind occupied and busy enough that i don't…

I don't have time to think about that. I need food, reloads and someone to kill.

I'd also like to know more about the pendant.

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