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See also: Legend of the Five Rings, Last week, Next week.

Go to crab lands to the wedding of Aki. Before get to the wedding however, Aki receives a message saying that his father has been fatally wounded in an accident.

Apparently he was accidently shot whilst out patrolling beyond the Wall. There was a skirmish involving lots of arrow fire, and he was hit by a Rokugani arrow. He is currently at Shinsei's Last Hope, on his death bed.

It is about 4 days to Aki's father, and 16 days to the wedding. The wedding is in 20 days. Aki doesn't have time to go to his father and back (8 days), and get to his wedding.

One plan is for Bortai and Fujiko to go to Aki's father and heal him. In the end, Aki and Bortai head down to see his father, and Fujiko heads off to the wedding to deliver the news that Aki may be late.

At the Wall

His father had gone out with a patrol (about 40 Hida and 4 Hiruma) to clear out an ogre infestation. A couple of days out they found some samurai tracks, but probably not Crab, most likely Lost (samurai of the Shadow Lands). They decided to track the samurai to see what they were up to. They walked into an ambush of Lost and goblins, during which Aki's father was shot. The three other Hiruma were also killed. The patrol pulled back to Shinsei's Last Hope. The Kuni who was with the patrol said he thought he saw something.

Kuni Hoti

He was with the patrol at the time. The goblins set off a deadfall to initiate the ambush. He thought he saw a pair of Lost escorting someone else, who didn't look like a Lost. She was dressed in white. They did not involve themselves in the ambush, but they wandered off. The back of the woman's Kimono was a grey chrsyantheum (Imperial mon in all but colour).

In the Shadow Lands

It's a really nice place. Blasted land, bleached bones and the like. It's going to be two days of travel unless we can move quicker.

Whilst we are sleeping, meet a ratling.

In exchange for food, is willing to talk. He tells us that he has seen the woman in white. She comes through these lands once a year and goes to the city of the Lost. She has been doing this for the last 30 years or so.

Aki asks them whether they know anything about the poem/riddle of Bao Jian. Some furious bartering follows, and in exchange for two pigs, two yaris, a tanto and a big bag of apples they will take the poem to their LoreMaster and see if he knows anything about it. They will meet us near the gate in 3 to 4 days.

At Shinsei's Last Rest

Next day get to the town. Bortai has a bath and goes to bed whilst Aki goes to see his father.

His father is dying, and after some death bed wishes and things, he commits Seppuka rather than fall to the Taint.

We then rush back to the wedding.

The Wedding

  • There is a rush to find decent clothes to fit Aki.
  • His father-in-law tries to be subtle about something, which Aki ignores.
  • A Kikita duelist tries to pick a fight with Aki after “accidentally” knocking swords with him. Aki responds with “I'm a Crab” to the insults and ignores him.
  • Aki gets married.
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