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Sail upriver to Ryoko Owari. On the way, there is an earth tremor, which Fujiko says is due to some fire kami to the north east. We ignore it, and stop for the night at Ryoko Owari.

Go to the House of the Golden Lily to see the Lady Akiko. She is not available however, so we spend the evening watching random entertainments.

Following morning we leave and head further up river. On approaching the closest point to the road, with disembark and then head along the road to the City of the Dead.

Get to Turo-Kojiri (U25). Whilst we are having our tea, a Shiba will come up to us and talk to Fujiko. He introduces himself as Shiba Kenji. He tells us there has been another earthquake in Phoenix territory. There has been an unfortunate volcanic disturbance. Ash is currently falling across the Phoenix farmlands.

Head west. Meet a Moto settlement, where we stay for the night for a goat roast.

Following morning, they take us to Moto Chagatai to gain permission to go to the City of the Dead. This involves going up into the mountains. He is the Daimyo of the Moto and Unicorn clans. We get to a very large settlement, which has an enormous Yurt palace.

I even get recognised due to all the weapons I'm carrying.

That evening we are invited to a feast being hosted by the Khan. After the feast we are called before the Khane. He says that he has heard good things about me. He grants us permission to go to the City of the Dead, and provides us with guides and guards. It sounds like someone will be kept with us at all times to report on what we are doing.

We reach the City of the Dead.

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