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Recovering the battle, we head towards the city to where the wards are failing. The wards were designed to keep things out, so possibly something is trying to get in.

As we approach the centre of the city, we see flashes of light which light up a view of the past. A magical darkness otherwise makes it very difficult to see anything in the ruins, and only Fujiko's phoenix feather is capable of giving off any light. The closer to the centre we get, the quicker the pulses of light become. Finally we come across a shiny globe of light which contains a building.

Standing outside the globe are two large Tsuno warriors plus a mummified Suno wizard. The wizard has his back to us and is doing something dodgy the with globe, probably trying to break into it, since we assume that this is probably the ward that they are trying to break into.

We attack the Tsuno, and after a grand battle we defeat them.

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