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We leave the ruins of the city to find the Khan and his hordes of Unicorns pouring into the area. I make some comment about people being late, which doesn't go down too well. The Khan calls me out by name and demands to be told what has happened. So I tell him mostly everything, including about the artifacts (though somehow manage to not mention the lunch boxes). Inform him that we are taking the artifacts to somewhere safe, but do not say where. He orders me to take them somewhere safe and to inform some trusted Unicorn of where they are before I get myself killed.

I gain glory and reknown. We head north across the mountain pass with a group of Unicorn. Under cover of darkness we split from them on the other side of the pass, and head east along the northern side of the Mountains, before catching a boat down river.

At some point we stay in a small town, where they are having the Harvest Festival. There is much drinking, some fighting and other fun things.

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