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2011/08/22 - A Mother's Wish

I am Aradoc, son of Cermig. The year is 495, and it is spring, and we are in the service of Lord Roger of Salisbury.

Lord Roger has received a letter from Father Peter, who is a parish priest of the parish of St Marys in Winchester. The letter was written on behalf of my mother, who has requested that I return home with my cousins, on account of a family emergency. Our lord gives us permission to leave to help our family.

My mother, Adwen, runs the family manor whilst my father is away at war. It is a three days ride to my father's manor.

We reach the manor without issue (ignoring the attractive girl at one of the inns, who is happy to warm my bed). It is a decent manor in the Roman style, which has been in our possession for 200 years. On arrival, my mother comes out to meet us, and ushes us inside, speaking of an opportunity for us, and inquiring as to whether any of us have got married.

Lord Bryn, a friend of the family, has a daughter named Eilis, who is currently in a convent. He is currently very unwell, and also very rich, owning 5 manors. My mother is currently nursing Lord Bryn since his own wife died when Eilis was born 13 years ago. It will be necessary for someone to go and inform his daughter that her father is ill and on his deathbed, and to bring her back so that she can see him before he dies.

When Lord Bryn dies, Eilis will become a ward of the King who will then get to chose who to marry her off to. From what I remember of her, she was loud and screechy though pretty, and somewhat spoiled by her father. It may well be that she isn't in the convent out of her own choice. However, she would be a quick way into land if one of us would gain her favour (and the agreement of her father).

Since we are suspicious that some parts of the story are being withheld, I seek to occupy my mother's time whilst the others enquire to find out what is really going on.

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