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2011/09/26 - Battle of St Albans

We are evacuating to Salisbury. Apparently Lord Roger is somewhat annoyed by the news of a Saxon invasion because his army is at St Albans, where it is mustering for the King. We get our own Ceorls to arm themselves in case the Saxons get to us before we reach safety.

We have been instructed to travel to the king with a message about the invasion, going via Silchester, Farnham, Windsor, Staines.

Silchester don't care, and don't like Lord Roger. the others send some aid, to a greater or lesser extent.

We get to London, which is a large town of about 6,000 but doesn't have a wall. There's also a huge number of merchants. Eventually we reach the King's army at St Albans. Unfortunately, the Saxons are there as well. We deliver the messages to the king, via his chamberlain. After a few hours of waiting, King Uther Pendragon emerges to give a stirring speech. Then the King comes to talk to us. He has heard good things about us, and thinks it would be a good idea if we were knighted before the battle, so that we can join it.

We spend the night standing in vigil, along with plenty of other squires. There seems to be some jealousy towards us since we will be knighted by the king. My father (and also Caradoc's) are also there, and they are pleased that we have done well. We are presented with good quality swords. In the morning, we are knighted by the King. During the tradition of 'the leap', three of us manage to leap into our horse's saddle in perfect synchronization.

And then, the battle begins. There is a glorious charge, where we break through the front lines. The battle devolves to individual combats, during which Tythyth knocks a saxon into me, knocking me from my horse and dealing a grievous wound which removes me from the battle.

By the time I recover consciousness, the battle is over. We have one, and the Saxons have been defeated. However, I receive news that my father did not survive the battle.

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