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2011/11/15 - Ride of the Valkyries

The Plan.

We are travelling south to meet Lord Fritgern, where the vikings and giants can fight together to fight the Saxons, there by breaking the curse that had been put on the family. Aquilla, as a Roman official, will then be able to officially forgive the family for their previous betrayal.

On the way south, Aquilla tries to teach the viking warriors how to fight in the Roman style. They are not interested, but the peasant militia thinks the idea is pretty good. However, the warriors are a bit upset about this, not liking the idea of a competent peasant army. Sometime later, there is much confusing between angry Vikings not able to speak Cymric, and us not able to speak Norse. Eventually we find a translater who can explain the reason for the viking's upset, and realise that he's tying to challenge one of us. Caradoc accepts the challenge.

There is a brief fight, then Caradoc gives the challenger a mighty blow and he goes straight down.

Eventually we get to the field of battle, where Fritgern has been 'winning very slowly'. There's going to be about three days of individual name calling and battles between heroes before the actualy battle begins. Aquilla starts using Roman tactics again, digging pits and organising a good supply of fire arrows. At some point the giants go missing, apparently at the orders of Aquilla.

It is the day of battle. I draw The Kindly One, and it's lust for violence fills me with hatred for the Saxons.

We fight ceorls, and defeat them easily. We fight a small unit of berserkers, and defeat them easily. Whilst trying to engage some retreating saxon knights, we find some more berserkers. They are defeated slightly less easily. At this point the giants turn up from behind the Saxons and start causing havoc. The Saxons begin to retreat. Yet more berserkers turn up, which we manage to defeat. The Saxons begin to retreat. We find even more berserkers. Fortune finally favours me, after a battle of clumsy blows, and I hewe down a Saxon with a mighty blow. There is the sound of thunder, and lightning strikes down on the battlefield, and the song of female voices. We chase the fleeing Saxons, accompanied by women on horseback. I slay another 6.

The valkyrie ask for me to return the sword, which I do without too much complaint. She gives me a golden ring in return, apparently made from the gold of her hair.

After the battle there is much feasting.

Lord Fritgern gives us 4 stallions and 12 mares.

He also gives us a boon of our choice. I ask for a well crafted display shield with my crest upon it.

The giants give us one bright red ruby each, which have a spark of light within them.

We go home to Winter. My wife provides me with a daughter, Branwen. She is ill for a short while, but soon recovers. There is also a rumour that my mother has been having an affair, though no evidence.

Lord Brin is still dying.

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