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2011/11/21 - No Taxation Without a King

That summer we go to London, to join the festivities around the sword in the stone. The kings and council of regents are meeting in London at this time. We arrive in London, and impose upon Aquilla for accomodation. Eilis accompanies us, though Branwen is left back at home under the watchful eye of her nurse.

During discussions about politics, it turns out that the budget hasn't been passed for the last couple of years. Each year we pay taxes to our lord, and he should pay to the King. However, with no King, there is the issue of where is the money going? Apparently it was last seen at Windsor, which is under the control of Lord Uriens. Also, nobody has paid the Romans for the last couple of years.

We go on a pub crawl, and spread rumours about dissatisfaction over the destribution of our taxes.

We also come across other rumours:

* Isn't it a good thing that now we have a decent Cymric set of regents, nobody is spending money on the damn foreigners. * The Icini are offering unspecified land to those wishing to join them in certain ventures.

The following night we send out our squires to find out what people are talking about. Apparently King Lot is suggesting that since there is no grand army anymore, that the defence of the Isle is moved to individual lords, therefore the current taxes should be distributed amongst those lords. There is some discussion about this, which descends to a slagging match and then a challenge to a sword fight.

Caradoc spreads ideas about electing a regent each year.

There is some unrest: * That night, Sir Gerin of Melahort is found stabbed in his bed, and his wife, a woman famed for her beauty, is missing. * Sir Belehis was found beaten savagely and stuffed into a barrel * There is a rumour that donkeys are loosing their hair.

King Lot is in London with his wife, the incredibly beautiful 18 year old Morgas, eldest daughter of Igraine of Cornwall.

The next day the challenge of arms between Lord Strathclyde and Lord York is scheduled. Startclyde turns up with naked pagan dancing girls, and some 'unknown person' starts the rumour that they are Picts, and that Strathclyde is paying the Picts with the tax money. York turns up in full Roman dress, including togas and Lorica Segmenti.

There is name calling, then brick throwing, then three days of rioting. We retire to the White Tower with Aquilla, where it is safe.

The result of all of this is that the regents admit that there is no budget, since tax money hasn't been flowing into the kingdom's coffers, but has been held by the mid level Lords.

The wife of Melahort is a rich lady who owns much land, has been carried off by three brothers - Sir Beige, Sir Basil and Sir Bellious. They have siezed her towns of Oxford, Wallingford and Shurburn. She is being held at Oxford.

Wallingford: 10 Knights Shurburn: 20 Knights Oxford: 30 Knights

Sir Gorboduc has siezed the town of Medborn, with the aid of Satan. Sir Gorboduc cast a terrible curse that caused the skin to fall off the flesh of Lord of Medborn. He has throw down the altar in the church, driven out the Nuns in the priory and installed harlots.

The year ends.

Eilis has another daughter

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