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2011/12/12 - Monks and Nuns

Baeddan ap Cuhelyn was the sergeant at arms for the old lord.

Getting the arms to his brother in law in Wallingford.

The spring festival is coming up, and there will be much drinking.

Father Member is a monk who will be making some strong beer.

We head into town with the beer and the peasants. There is a promise to pay the peasants 3d each

At the ford there are two knights.

Sir Bleddick ap Guano Sir Aurial ap Cole, recently married a young lady from Silchester.

They charge us 2s for crossing the ford, and we move into the town. There is a post next to the ford, with a nail driven into it about 6ft up. It is probably a flogging post. Further on, there is a gibbet in which there is a live young woman. There is a sign next to her saying 'Whore'.

When we get to the Inn, we deliver the beer. The innkeeper explains that the woman is Lady Blanche, who was the late Lord's Leman (Concubine). It was Father Member that was complaining about such, and the Lord who ordered it. She s to be flogged tomorrow morning, and dragged out of town.

We come up with a complex plan to rescue her.

At dusk, some monks come out and stand underneath the gibbet, and start saying prayers and throwing around incense. Then a group of nuns come out to join then, and start a loud argument.

The monks are there to say prayers for the repentence of the whore. The senior nun, Margered, is saying that no-one can be penetent in that thing, they'd be livid. They drive off the monks, and start freeing her. I move forward to help them. They are happy with my held, and ask me to come back the following night to help smuggle her out.

I tell her of our plan. Things were better then Father Llion was in charge. He was taken terribly ill when his Lordship died, and is still in the infirmary.

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