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2012/01/12 - The Taking of Wallingford

We are in an inn, and I am drunk. Apparently the others wandered out for a bit, and have come back with a monk from the monastry. I'm not sure what they did, but it probably involved something illegal.

The monk is Father LLiom, who was the previous head of the monastry, who has been tortured to tell the new management where the coin blanks are.

It alll goes back to lady Eonor. She is not a good overlord, and neither was her husband, who was corrupt. The lady Blanch was his concubine. Her brother is a chap called Breas, who was the seneschal for the county. He was the closest there was to decent overlordship. He was last seen leaving at high speed shortly before the new occupents arrived. He is most likely to know where the blanks are.

I go to see the Mother Superior at the nunnery. She would be most pleased if the current management was removed. This would give her an opportunity to take over the entire abbey.

There are a number of charters in his late lordship's fathers hands. There would be some in the scriptorium as well. They could be edited to say whatever you want. Breas would make a suitable replacement lord. The innkeeper is the one who can probably get in contact with him.

The vague plan is to wait for evening, when all the guards have probably had a lot to drink, let in the Romans and serjeant and kill all those we need to until we have control. We stick Breas in charge, then 'find' the suitable documentation that justifies his new position.

The day of the festival, there is much beer being drunk.

Caradoc and myself make our way into the castle before the gates are closed. We await the sound of the Romans attacking, whilst the others prepare to let them in through the gates to the town.

We hear sounds outside the mott, and see that some guards have notice Marcus with a group of Romans sneaking around outside. We go to 'help' the guards, and one unfortunately falls off the palisade. We head down to the gate to go and see how he is, and the other guards open the gate and go out to try and find their friend.

The Romans enter the fort, and we take the outside without much fuss. Sneaking into the main keep, we take the sleeping knights by surprise and capture them all without further bloodshed.

Sir Arthfael ap llywarch Sir Cindric ap Krindal Sir Morrenar ap Cybi Sir Mellow ap Perthinion

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