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2012/02/06 - The Murder Crow

Winter Court. Christmas passes.

Lord Brin is still dying.

Eilis provides me with a 3rd daughter, Heledd.

We are invited to Sarum for Winter Court by Earl Roger of Salisbury.

Earl Roger organises a hunting and falconry competition, the prize being two gold and diamond rings.

The first day is the falconry competition.

That night, there is dancing and stuff. Lord Roger gives out shiny sword belt with silver buckles (£1) as new years gift. Each lady receive a beautiful pair of gloves.

Lord Bries, gives gifts to those of us who help him 'regain' his lands. Great silver drinking vessels, which has a golden stamp of Uther on each side. Value is about £6. Earl Roger, not to be undone, awards us with a pair of exceptional hunting dogs each.

That night, whilst most of us are asleep, we are woken by the cry of “murder”. Lord Bries has been murdered, He has a dagger in his chest. It has a handle with a wolf's head with 2 rubies for eyes. Fiona is standing over him, vowing vengeance and holding Earl Roger responsible for this violation of responsibility.

He had been found by his squire. He had been helping Bries get ready for bed, then went down to get him a drink because he was feeling ill. When he returned, Bries was laying on the bed, spreadeagled, with a dagger in his chest.

There is a dead crow with a rope around its neck and pinned to the floor, underneath where his arms and armour is displayed. Black crows are associated with witches and women, they are a pagan symbol.

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