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2012/02/13 - Stuffed Hawks and Man Traps

The murder enquiry continues. Possible suspects:

  • Abbot Gurcant - Dorset
  • Brother Cyngur - Dorset, same Abbey
  • Father Tiwi - Salisbury
  • Sir Eithin - Salisbury, known personally. Notable for loyalty.
  • Sir Gwynfryn - Salisbury. Notably Honourable.
  • Sir Diuin - Salisbury. Notably loyal.
  • Sir Brochmail - Salisbury. Notable for skill with Hawks.
  • Sir Timoteus - Salisbury. Keen senses.
  • Sir Ceiro - Salisbury. Dancing skills. He lost his knife. May be having an affair.
  • Sir Tudwr - Leonesse. Renowned for honour and courtesy.
  • Gwer ap Gwarthen, cousin of Aquilla.
  • Lady Eigra - Married to Sir Tudwr
  • Lady Eirys - Married to Sir Brochmail
  • Lady Erin - Married to Sir Diuin.
  • Lady Gellan - Married to Sir Ceiro

Lady Elin - Countess of Salisbury. Possibly an affair with Bries' son, Blain. Not that attractive.

She has some damosels (none with dulcimers):

  • Medwin (animals),
  • Gwawyr (natural healer, beauty),
  • Eleri (animals, horsewomanship),
  • Ffiona (beauty, fashion, lazy, deceitful) - possibly affair with Ceiro.

The Bird lime, possibly the fault of two young boys called Mantat and Eckwulf according to Father Tiwi.

Squires come up with the theory that the murder was a ritual sacrifice to Odin, the cord and bird is common for wanting visions.

We go hunting. Caradoc goes hawking. He has problems in that someone has fed his hawk before hand. Indeed, most of the birds seem to be somewhat sluggish, apart from Sir Ceiro's.

Whilst hunting, we hear a shriek. Heading towards the sounds, we find Brother Cyngur caught in a man trap. Abbot Gurcant is trying to free him. We manage to free Cyngur, and get him back to the castle. He is in a very bad state, though the Abbot refuses to let Fiona anywhere near him despite her having the best knowledge of healing. The man trap has the mark of 2 hammers.

Our squires found out that the boys were paid 2 shillings by a man for a crow. He had clean smooth hands. Could possibly be a noble woman, though they thought the voice was that of a man. Could it have been a priest?

The man trap was made by Mellier, the castle blacksmith. They were made by Lord Roger, and should be stored in the castle. One of them is missing.

As regards the hawks, the boy who was meant to look after the birds last time found a honey cake left out. He'd eaten it and then fallen asleep some time later. He also found a bright green ribbon that had been left in the morning.

My dear wife finds out: The lady Eigra may be having an affair with Earl Roger. The lady Erin she believes is carrying on in some fashion with Sir Gwynfryn. Countess Elin really enjoys poetry and flirting with Lord Blain. Ffiona has a gambling problem, and is always borrowing stuff from people. She also likes wearing green, and was wearing a dress with green ribbons the other night.

As it turns out, Ffiona came out ahead in the gambling over the hawking this morning. Also found out, she has taken a fancy to one of the knights in the dungeon, and is trying to raise his ransom.

In 491, during the rebellion of Duke Gurloise, King Uther hired the Red Knights and set them to harry the lands in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. During this time, they sacked the abbey at Essex. The Red Knights follow the Raven banner.

Taking to Sir Ceiro, he was a messenger and served with the King during 491. He took his distinctive dagger from a Cornish knight. He had also been persuing a 'platonic' affair with Gwawyr.

Breaking into the Abbot's room, we find some blood stained robes which have been cut up and stuffed into a trunk.

Talking to Father Tewey, he spoke to the young monk this morning and he seemed to be concerned about something. He wanted to confess, but he had something to do first.

We explain what we think happened to Lord Roger and Lady Fiona.

Cyngur expires that night. We aren't able to press charges against the abbot, since he is under canon law. He leaves some time later, but apparently is waylaid in the forest by persons unknown. His mutilated body is found some time later.

Publically, there is a discussion between Fiona and Roger to resolve their disagreements, and Roger makes a donation towards a tomb for Blais.

In the depths of winter, during a huge snow storm, the castle of wonberra (owned by Silchester) is taken by Oxford.

Ffiona is married off to an old widower, known for being a miser.

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