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2012/03/19 - Vigilent Vigils of St Albans

We go to St Albans, looking for a 'bigger gun' to deal with Gorbadoc at Medburn.

We meet Father Brocmale, and tell him about our probems. He says that the Holy Ancorite had seen dark things in her vision.

Apparently the Cathedral is blessed with an Ancorite, who is one of God's holy and chosen ones.

We are taken to a slot in the wall, behind which appears to be a smooth voiced woman. I try to explain our issue, and ask her if there is any aid that God can provide.

Sir Staterius held the lands of Medburn, he had a daughter who was very beautiful. She was proud of her beauty, and had no room in her heart for God. She decided to visit a well of Old Powers that was on his lands. She wanted to see the face of her husband. She came back with other things in tow - a child, which killed her in birth. That child became Gorbadoc - that was 9 years ago.

Gorbadoc grew very quickly, and is now a man. He has been collecting young women, for what purpose is not clear.

She asks for the Father to fetch a mason, so that she can be released.

That night, we have a vigil. During the night, there is a sound of a trumpet within the church, but when we look there does not appear to be anyone there. Marcus wanders out to have a look. When he comes back, he seems to have a sword rather than an axe.

The vigil finally ends.

Marcus says that a Sir Gallorous gave him the sword. We aren't quite sure what he's talking about.

The Holy Ancorite of St Albans is ready. Her name is Ellen. We are each given a cross which is made from wood from an olive tree that grew in the garden of Githsemene. We are also loaned the travelling copy of their holy bible. It is about 3ft tall.

We head off with Father Brocmale, Ellen and her mule and the rest of us. We follow the magic stone given to us by Merlin, hoping it will lead us to wherever it is we are going to.

We meet Gwyn ap Maewas, who is a religious knight who joins us on our quest. There are two other knights with him. One of his villages was raided and three young women were carried off.

The magic stone starts diverting us away from Medburn, but the others believe that we shouldn't follow it any more. They don't seem to want help from the old powers. I think we should, but I'm overruled.

We come across a village, where a couple of armed men are flogging a peasant. Caradoc rides up and demands to know why they are doing so. He is told to fuck off, so he hits the guy in the face with his sword. The rest of us charge forward as others come out of the houses, armed with crossbows. I take the head clean off of mine, and then head towards a house from which the sound of a fight is coming.

There are three men in there attacking a couple of women. One of the women is being raped, whilst the other is fighting off another man with a cooking pot. I run two of them through before they can react much, then Marcus turns up and manages to calm the woman down. We have one very badly burnt prisoner.

The men are here collecting taxes, second time in two months. They have pulled down the church after defiling it by raping the abbess on the alter. They are now using the stones to build a castle.

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