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2012/03/26 - Battle of Medburn

We are in the village. The woman with the cauldron, Eirys, tells us that she has seen 8 serjeants and their squads coming through this area in the last year, including this lot which we took on. The squads number 6-10 in size.

They have been taking people to work at the castle. About two years ago, a coven of witches moved in near to the well. She thinks that they eat babies.

Sir Catell came and joined Sir Gorbadoc about a year ago. There is also Sir Glynn and Sir Maelglad.

We buff up on blessings in an attempt to gain an advantage, however small, gaining a magical belt which has been blessed by some saint, and some magical sea shells which have come from some holy place far away. Then we head off to Medbourne. The animals hereabout are all diseased, and the trees and crops aren't looking too good either. Even the water is oily.

We get close to Medburn as night falls, so find a secluded spot by an old road side shrine. We set up traps around the perimeter and settle down for the night. At some point we are woken by cries as huge devil dogs rush in from the darkness. They breath fire against us as they close, but we shelter behind our shields.Then there is a clash of steel and teeth. Our armour does not seem to have any affect against their attacks, but the more holy of us seem less badly affected.

Caled is felled, but the rest of us manage to stand our ground and eventually bring them down. The Ancorite pours holy water over Caled and spends the night praying for us. By morning, our wounds are healed.

We head towards Medburn and take up position to spy on their defences, Once there, we notice a group of 13 young children being forced to perform weapons training on each other. A peasant is also impaled in front of a couple of well dressed men.

Gwyn ap Maewas returns, with 8 knights and another 20 retinue.

We saddle up, and ride down towards the town. One peasant tries to raise the alarm, and another stops him. As the peasants try to overpower the guards and set fire to the buildings, we ride in and begin to butcher the children, something we turn out to be pretty good at. They are feral, and what they lack in skill they make up for in hatred.

Caradoc charges a well dressed man armed with an Axe who comes out of the manor house - Gorbadoc. We all descend on the group of knights, and after a long hard fight they are all killed.

According to the peasants, the witches and the devil are down near the well.

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