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2012/04/16 - Against the Devil

We make sure that the manor house is burnt to the ground. We make the bodies of the demonic children and knights are also burnt. There is a dodgy looking book that was being read by one of the knights, which has some very interesting illuminations, but that is thrown on the fire along with everything else.

We head down towards the well in search of the witches and the demon. The land becomes swampy and foggy. We come across a tree from which hangs shields and the heads of previous knights. The pools here are covered in an oily film, and burning lights hang above some of them.

Marcus draws his sword, which for some reason glows brightly, burning some of the vegetation that it touches. He begins to pray.

On the ground are the bones of the dead. Amongst them are bits of jewellery and cloth, probably the bones of young women.

Ahead is a naked woman with a large snake around her. She seems to be writhing with the snake. Caradoc hacks off the head of the snake, and the woman screams out in pleasure, then turns into a pile of ash and bone. I stab it as I go past, and something screams out.

The fauna and flora gets worse. Ahead is a fire around which are 3 witches. There is a stone spike, and a well. Something slimy crawls out, it is vaguely dog like, just without fur or skin. Caradoc stares down the well, and cries out. I stride over to the women, and strike at one with an oversized eye. I strike her a solid blow, and her eye opens and a bright light strikes out and fries Marcus' squire. She then expires.

The Demon leaps out of the well on horseback.

The other two witches have an oversized mouth and oversized hand. I stab at the one with the oversized mouth, and manage to slay her, somehow feeling that God may have deigned to aid me.

Marcus stabs at the Demon's horse, unseating him.

The hand witch catches my sword in her hand, and stabs me with her long fingernails. I then cut her fingernails off. We fight for a while, until I hack at her knee, driving her to the ground then lop off her head. She screams and turns to mist.

Turning, behind me I see Caradoc and the squires at the well, with their trousers around their ankles. Marcus and Cerled look like they have been fighting, but there is no sign of other enemies.

Sir Justinian vows to stay behind to look after the place.

We head back to our homes for Winter.

I have a son, named Cermig.

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