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The Solar Flare

2 Twin Heavy Laser Cannon Turrets FC 2D (0D bridge); Dmg 5D (port) and 6D (starboard);

2 Twin Heavy Laser Cannon Front FC 0D; Dmg 5D

Ion Cannon FC 3D (1D bridge); Dmg 4D

Have a x1 hyperdrive fitted.

To be installed

Extra sensors, will give +2 to passive, scan, search Extra big gun

Other Stuff

Backup power supply Have an R2 astromech droid.

Shields 3D; Pilot 3D; Starship Repair 4D 3m repulsor disc repulsor ferrari - Red Repulsor Ferrari (stored on Elrood).


30 detonite cubes 5 1m det cord 2x grenades 2x stun grenades (gas) 1x riot gun 10x blaster carbines 2x sea trooper armour suits 1x bow caster Imperial issue blast vests and blast helmets normal blast vest and helmets Concussion Grenade Launcher (2 grenades) Anti Walker Missile Launcher (no ammo)

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