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Glendale Links

This page includes links to various interesting web sites.

Bloody Amazing

Sites that fit into the Bloody Amazing category are web sites which I think are, well, Bloody Amazing.

Starship Dimensions - Want to know how big that starship really is? Look no further. Full of scale images of many starships from both the real world and science fiction.

Encyclopedia of Arda - A complete encyclopedia of Tolkien's Middle Earth. Not only is it full of useful information, but it's also reasonably well organised and keeps the HTML relatively simple, making it readable.

Game Shops

The following is a list of gaming companies in the UK who sell good stuff. Mostly online wargame stuff, since such is so difficult to get hold of from high street shops.

Wargames Warehouse - Sell lots of good stuff, especially the MasterMaze dungeon terrain, of which I have bought quite a bit.

Wargames Foundry - Lots of good ancients figures - I mostly use them for vikings and hordes of naked elf women (yes, I'm serious).

Purbeck Terrain System - Some of the best wargaming terrain out there. Definitely worth a look, though buying is complicated because they don't accept credit/debit cards.

Wargames Workshop - Haven't used this one yet, but seem to have some nice terrain.

Ground Zero Games - Science fiction wargaming, good figures, good rules, poor website design.

Game Companies

BITS - The British Isles Traveller Support group, producers of much UK Traveller material.

Chaosium - Pendragon, Runequest, Call of Cthulhu and other games.

GEO-HEX - For wargaming terrain, Dirtside II, Full Thrust and other Ground Zero Games products.

Steve Jackson Games - Infamous for its GURPS products, whether you love or hate the system, SJG produce some marvellous source books for a multitude of genres.

Wizards of the Coast - The owners of Dungeons and Dragons, and the creators of d20. You belong to us. You will be like us.

Doris and Frank - A German company which makes some very nice board games.


Regia Anglorum - A site for Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British living history.

Aedificium - Living history in England, 1190 A.D.


The Mythical Quick Kill - An interesting look at just how deadly sword fighting is. Or, in the case of some people, isn't.

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