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The One Time

The Mother came to us in the Earth year 2092, bringing the gifts of knowledge and vision. To us was opened the One Time, the roads which spanned a billion stars and a billion years. We were brought under the care of the Mother, and given sanctuary. Then came the Angels of Death, who struck down the Mother and slew her children. Poison was sown on the fields of the Earth, leaving the carcass of humanity to pollute its cradle.

The Death of Humanity

In 2092, humanity made Contact with an alien civilisation. For almost fifty years an object had been tracked on course for Earth from the direction of Orion. It was a Gate - one end of a wormhole accelerated to relativistic speeds and rapidly decelerated before reaching its destination.

Linking two points in space and time, the wormhole was just the latest part of a inter-galactic network that connected thousands of galaxies, and spanned billions of years in time. Relativistic time dilation meant that many wormhole gates were separated in time as well as space, but all connected together into a single One Time that preserved continuity.

Our benefactors were the Xarn. They brought their religion of the Mother Goddess, and also technology and knowledge beyond anything humanity currently had. Their triple pronged starships became a symbol of culture, civilisation and technology. The culture shock for humanity was terrible, but we could have survived.

Except the Xarn lied to us.

A War We Couldn't Win

As we embraced the Xarn, and worked with them and learnt from them, so the Xarn were at war. In 2105 we learnt the truth - the truth that the Xarn were about to die, to be wiped out by the Scree. And the Scree would come for whoever stood by the side of the Xarn.

In 2109 the Scree came through the wormhole. The two Xarn cruisers in orbit around Earth died. The Scree seeded Earth with a plague, which killed eight billion people. The half a billion left alive on Earth were made slaves of the Scree.

The rest of humanity has fled into the One Time, as refugees, beggars, criminals and slaves. But humanity has gone to the stars.


The One Time - A single meta-culture that spans almost ten billion years of time, stretching tens of billions of light years across the universe.

Wormhole Technology - The technology that makes the whole civilisation known as The One Time possible.

History of the One Time - A view of the history of our universe, as known by the various cultures of the One Time.

Species - Some of the more common civilisations in this part of the universe.

Human Enclaves - There are a few remaining enclaves where humanity can still prosper.

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