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Wayfinder Tracker

This is a two-part item that consists of a Wayfinder and a Compass component. Estimated cost is 12,500gp.

Wayfinder (Focus)

This Wayfinder looks like a standard Wayfinder, and provides all the normal benefits of a Wayfinder including the ability to have an ioun stone placed inside. However, using an ioun stone in this way cancels its other abilities.

If an ioun stone is not present, then the Wayfinder's location can be tracked by the Compass. Also, if a command word is spoken, then messages may be sent by voice to the Compass, and also received by the Wayfinder. If either Wayfinder or Compass are closed, then they vibrate gently if a message is being sent, however they do not record any such messages.


This wayfinder is a companion to a specific Wayfinder Focus, and doesn’t have wayfinder abilities itself. The item is slightly larger than a normal wayfinder, and is hemispherical in shape with a lid that can be closed. When opened, it exposes a compass mounted on a three-axis gimbal which allows it to rotate in any direction. As long as the companion wayfinder is on the same plane, and it does not have an ioun stone inserted, then the compass will point in the direction of that (in all three dimensions).

As well as a compass indicator, there are three concentric dials on the surface of the compass which provide the distance to the focus. The outer dial has sixteen notches, each representing 110yds. The second dial has twelve notches on it, each of which represents five miles, and the inner dial has a further twelve notches which each represent 60 miles.

This allows the compass to track the focus out to a distance of about 780 miles, with an accuracy of about 1%.

Whilst the compass is open, speaking the command word will cause a message to be sent to the focus, allowing two way communication.

In addition, whomever holds the compass has the ability to accurately know the location of the wayfinder sufficiently enough to be able to cast teleportation spells with the highest degree of accuracy (as if the destination was very familiar). The compass does not provide the ability to teleport - it just acts as a location finder.

It does not work across planes, but works out to the range the caster can manage (even if beyond the 780 miles of the distance measurement).

If it is unable to get a lock, because the wayfinder has an ioun stone for example, the dials and compass spin randomly on one axis. If the Wayfinder is on a nearby plane (such as the ethereal or another material plane, from the prime material), it spins on two axis. If further away (such as elemental or astral planes) it spins on all three axis.

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