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Shrike Medium Freighter (300dt)

The Shrike is a medium 300dt Jump-1 freighter. Cut down to the barest minimum, it consists of a drive system, small life support system and a thin hull for storing cargo. It is very fragile, but its low mass enables it to have far greater range than similar sized freighters of a similar technology level. It is 45m long and 12m in diameter.

Never a popular design amongst crew, the Shrike was referred to as the 'paper spaceship' by those who had to fly in them. Their complete lack of armour, shielding or any form of defensive systems meant they were highly susceptible to pirates, or even a small rock. They were only used in well monitored systems, where both natural and man-made dangers could be minimised.

As a tramp freighter though, the Shrike was excellent. Though it suffered from a low powered drive system, it had excellent range, and was much better at reaching colonies far from normal jump routes.

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