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Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Dramatis Personae

  • Tabansi - Half Elven Ranger
  • Hazri - Dwarven Druidess
  • Athazog - Half Orc barbarian
  • Arkin - Halfling Rogue
  • Huecova Gyrle - Priestess of Calistria

Session 1 (2014/06/28) - Shipwrecked

Jenivere Shipwrecked on Smuggler's Shiv. We were drugged from last night's meal. Awake on beach with others.

Gelik Aberwhinge - Gnome bard Aerys Mavato - Half Elven drunk Jask Derindi - Prisoner, priest of Nethys Sasha Nevali - Possible red mantis assassin Ishirou - Tian fighter possibly.

Get to the wreck, find ship logs, maps and a wide range of supplies including potions. Captain fallen madly in love with Ieana, scholar who kept to herself. Cook killed by a snake bite. Rest of crew drugged as well.

According to Jask there was mention of ship named the Brine Demon. Wrecked on the Shiv. He was framed because he uncovered dodgy dealings. This ship might have evidence.

Probably want to head south to the lighthouse which is said to be on the southern shore.

Spend night in camp. Half the group wants to stay.

Bad dream. Sea sick on boat. Captain with Ieana, she gives him kiss on cheek. We all have spoons trying to bail out the sinking ship. Strange luminosities in the sea just off the shore. Seems to be ghosts?

Arkin seems to be suffering from Mind Fire, a common jungle disease.

Sasha eventually decides to come with us since she is so scared. Jask decides to stay behind to look after the others.

We head south, reaching the western bay by mid afternoon. Follow bay around to the south. Make camp, get attacked by spiders. We move camp a little bit, to be closer to the cliff top out of the trees.

Lights under the water in the bay. We camp, nothing happens.

Heading around cliff during day, avoid area of dead vegetation. Notice track down below. Lots of effort climbing down cliff. Tabansi fails to follow the tracks.

Head back to dead clearing. A couple of Zombie like things in vines. Azazog kills them. Also a tall plant in the middle which moves. Cloud of pollen confuses Tabansi, but it is killed. It is burnt.

Head back to path. Follow it to a camp on a beach. Deserted except for another zombie. It is killed. A few buildings here, but nothing of interest.

We camp on the beach.

Outstanding Questions

What was Ieana up to? Where did she go after the shipwreck? What was Captain Alizandru Kovack planning? Was he willingly in league with Ieana? Is the Brine Demon shipwrecked here? Does it have evidence that will help Jask?

Session 2 (2014/07/26)

In the hut, there is a masterwork Dagger with carving of mantis claws, similar to the tattoo on Sasha. Meet crab on the beach, Arkin almost eaten. 120xp Shiv dragon. 120xp. Azazog badly bitten. Killed by Sasha.

See shipwrecked know on small island which may have some skeletons on it. Go across to other strange island with fungus like the Underdark. Attacked by 7 vegepygmies. 280xp

Tall pillar of fun guys covered rock, attached to main island by fungal strands. Tabansi and Sasha go across to the pillar and explore it. Find a cave with sea shells arranged outside, with fungal tendrils covering the mouth. Tying them back, we look inside and come across a purple fungus thing. We ping it with arrows, but it hides back inside.

Everyone else turns up, Tabansi goes in and is hit by several tendrils, which rot his flesh. He runs, and we head back to the small normal island.

Come across some cannibals. They run off, we run off.

Find Wreck of The Red Wake. Chest in it. Some silks and brass knife. 59gp in various coins.

Session 3 (2014/08/30)

Try to build raft. Fail. Head across to island and shipwreck. The Blood Walker. Nothing on board. Camp for the night on the island. Day 6. Heading south along the cliff top following morning. Get down to headland, there is a shipwreck and possibly a lighthouse across the water.

People at lighthouse, they come round to meet us, attack. Seem to be same group as the last lot. We get rid of them. They have shields, broken scimitars and 3 javelins each. Each a necklace of red pearl. Worth 50gp each.

Track back round the path to take out a couple of sentries.

Reach the lighthouse. scout out buildings. Very heavy rain, thunder and lightning from over by the mountain. Fubar, too many of them, we take damage and retreat. There was a red headed leader, a witch of some kind who seemed to be controlling the zombies, and about a dozen men.

Hazri manages to grab a Tangle foot bag, potion of Cure Light wounds and an Anti toxin before we leave.

Get down to the coast, see a dragon in the distance flying around by the mountains.

Outstanding Questions Who was the woman with a monkey? A witch? A cleric? What was all that rumbling? Is the island doing something we should know about? Dragon?!

Session 4 ( 2014/09/27)

Continue into the night to put distance between us and the lighthouse. Head along beach . Glowing things in water. Head into Jungle and camp .

Following day, attacked by a couple of giant spiders. Make it to the east coast. Follow it up and round to the north. Meet up with the path again, and find 3 cannibals with a captured dinosaur. We charge and kill them. The dinosaur is dead, but there is a baby dinosaur there which is alive. Hazri manages to befriend it.

Camp for the night, hunting food and making arrows. Tabansi is on watch, when we are attacked by a ghoul. It is killed. Arkin gets an infection from insect bites, and gets seriously ill. We rest for another day. Manage to ambush a couple of cannibals. Capture one, and try to question him.

There are about 30 of them, including women. Two strangers turned up recently, a man and a woman. Description matches the captain and Ieana. They don't know about the noises from the mountain. Their only camp is the lighthouse. The woman with a monkey is Malikadma, their healer. Their leader is Klorak. Ireena went to the mountain. They go there once a year to sacrifice to the Red Mountain Devil. They came on the Thrunefang. Mother Thrunefang. Entrance under the lighthouse. We kill him.

Head along the path round towards the beach overlooking the other side of the mountain. We find lots of traps, and Tabansi gets caught in one. On the beach is a camp. On one side of a hut it's a pentagram, with sharpened human teeth hammered into it.

Head round to the east coast. There is a big clearing on top of the hill, but it seems to be boring. Heading down to a bay we find another shipwreck - the Brine Demon.

Skeleton in the captain's cabin, grasping a locked coffer. Arkin is unable to open it at first, but finally succeeds. Inside are:

A gold locket. Portrait of a red haired half elven woman named Aeshamara A nice dagger, magical +1 Some ledgers and Journals

Ledgers show proof that Captain Kilkavian was working with Sargavan officials to skim profits off the Free Captains.

Find the wreck of the Bearded Harpy. There are skeletons on it. Tabansi fashions some clubs and we go to investigate. After a terrible fight, we defeat them. There's a little bit of gold on the ship. Head back to the beach on the main island.

Session 5 (2014/10/25)

Head north up the coast. See a ghostly blue figure walking on water towards us. Has a hooked hand, dressed like a pirate. It is moaning and wailing about Aeshamara. I show him the locket, and he crumbles to dust with a sigh.

I bury his remains with the locket.

We camp nearby for the night. Athazog comes down with a disease.

Find our way to a bay, where there has been a camp recently for a couple of people. There is a tricorn hat and some scarves, which look like they belonged to Captain Kovack and Ieana.

Find Wreck of the Golden Bow. We find loot! 30gp of treasure. Arkin falls through a hole. Try and get dinosaur eggs for Sasha.

We get back to the camp of the other survivors. They all seem to be in good condition.

We go get a baby flying dinosaur for Sasha. She is happy, and opens up a bit. Her mother was in the Red Assassins, and she is willing to teach us some combat tricks.

Along the coast we find a giant crab, which seems to be a mechanical contraption operated by a Tengu, Pezock. Spent a couple of years here. Is afraid of the cannibals. He was wrecked on the Crow's Tooth. He wants to come and look at our camp. He isn't impressed, and decides to stay with his crab.

Ishirou says he has a map which shows there is some treasure at the clearing atop a hill. The whole group decides to head down that way.

Following the river, we find a stand of viper berries and harvest some herbs for Aerys. At the rivers source we are attacked by giant spiders. We camp down for the night in the valley.

At dawn the following morning, we dig digit the clearing and find a wooden platform with the Skeleton of a dwarf. Athazog manages to smash through. We lower him down 40ft to water beneath. It is a well constructed shaft. He is suddenly attacked by a couple of lacedons. We defeat them after a bit of a fight.

Tabansi and Athazog go down into the well, find a chest which has:

We find 3500cp 2000sp 1000gp 50pp Silk pouch with gems worth 500gp Ruined moldy nobles outfit Bejewelled masterwork cold iron star knife Magical wooden darkwood buckler Water tight mithral scroll tube (500gp) containing scroll of raise dead.

Sasha teaches us +1 initiative. Untyped Ishirou teaches +1 CMD/CMB when using a sword or similar weapon. Untyped. Aerys has been writing a book, a story, which she is willing to share. Jask teaching a +2 concentration bonus. Untyped.

Session 6 (2014/11/29)

At the top of the hill, head back to camp for some training and a rest. That night there is a scream and Gellick is grabbed by a large flying beast and taken off to the west. There is much rejoicing. It was probably the Red Mountain Devil. It seems to be heading back towards the mountain.

Hazri and Sasha head south during the night to try and follow it. The rest of us wait until morning, and take the path. Some of the traps on the path have been reset in the last day, but Arkin manages to spot and disable them. Kill a couple of cannibals and meet up with Hazri and Sasha. Tabansi has contracted Red Ache, and is feeling weak.

Climb up to the top of the mountain, no sign of anything significant at the top. Can see a hill with a large tree to the far West, and a hut at the source to the river in the central area. The other path down the mountain leads to a group of four stone monoliths.

There are signs of there having been a large sea surge through the bay recently.

Session up camp, and after the rain stops Arkin spots the dragon flying out from the area of the monoliths.

Head down to the monoliths, there is a 3 ft tall pyramid here with an indentation at the top, the obelisks around it. There are snake like runes carved onto the inner face of the obelisks. Three sets of bridges zigzagging across the river mouth. There is a large nest at the far end of the first bridge.

Suddenly the Red Mountain Devil swoops down and grabs up Ishirou, carrying him across to the nest. Athazog charges across the bridge with Arkin, but it collapses, sending them both down into the river. Tabansi shoots it whilst the others try to throw ropes down. The Devil leaves Ishirou and fly over to Tabansi, dragging him off to be fed on. Eventually the devil is driven off, and the others are rescued from the river.

In the nest is: 26 sp 234gp 13pp Mithral hook for an arm stump, 1000gp Fine brass sextant Buckler decorated with skull and crossbones, magical +1 (Huecova) Nice quiver, efficient. 20 normal arrows, 9 cold iron, 7 +1, 2 +2, a mystery magical arrow, a magic javelin, composite Longbow +3 strength masterwork

On Gellik's body is a small long sword and short bow.

Rest up for the night. Following morning, Huecuva uses comprehend languages on the snake like writings. They seem to have something to do with the tides, water and sea. We try putting water in the depression on the pyramid, but nothing happens. Head down to the south east coast to explore some more wrecks.

Athazog swims out to island, Find the Scarred Maiden. There are several zombies on the deck, maybe half a dozen. We get some clerics across and channel energy against them.

Head back around to the hut on the hill. It is a partially collapsed hut, made of drift hut. Dozens of bones and skulls of human origin decorate the area. We get a handout! Fragments of journal. Looks like no one has been in the hut for many years. Bones outside are much fresher though. Look like they've been eaten.

Stay in the hut overnight, no insects bite.

We head across to the big hill with a large tree and a wooden construction. Single immense banyan tree.

A mostly naked woman with leaves for hair greets us. She is Aycenia. She welcomes us in to her hut. She says that the cannibals stay away from her. She talks about a blight on the grey island. She says it needs to be destroyed to return the island to health.

She heals Tabansi a bit. She does not know much about either the cannibals or the devil. She noticed the big storm, but doesn't know what caused it. She is bound to the tree and cannot leave the hill. She was born here.

Session 7 (2014/12/28)

At the Dryad's place. Planning on how best to take on the violet fungus that we found in a cave earlier on. Next day, we head north towards the cursed island. At the cave, there looks like there has been some activity here. Clear way into cave.

We try to burn it out which fails. So we all charge in. Arkin kills it, and there is much rejoicing. We head back to Aycenia to heal up and rest.

We head down towards the cannibal camp at the lighthouse to clear them up. Tabansi and Huecova take on the skeletons in their cage whilst the rest of the party moves round to the building with a hole. The skeletons spot us, but quickly fall to arrows arrows and channelled energy.

The rest of the team have problems getting through the door into the rear of the complex. Two guards investigate the noise from the skeletons, and Tabansi shots one as he goes to get help, but fails to kill him. Huecova magic missiles the other, and Tubansi finishes him off. Two others notice at the top of the tower and raise the alarm. Again a combination of magic and bow takes him out.

The cannibal leader Comes out to investigate. Athazog rushes out and tries to knock the cooking pot over Red, but he dodges. Inside the building, they get through the door and Hazri finishes off the injured cannibal, then meets the witch.

Half a dozen others charge out of the buildings and a general melee will ensue. Most are around Athazog, who eventually goes down, but not before killing Red. Huecova heals everyone and we finish off the rest of them. Meanwhile, Hazri is fighting the Witch and barbarians in the tour with her Raptor. They keep the witch occupied long enough for the rest of us to pile inside.

The last guard and the witch surrender.

Malikadna. Woman went to the Red Mountain. Nylithati is the real leader. She is below. Other women do not get get a say here. Udersius is who she worships. Some ancient god. Mal does not know much about her. What we find:

180 gp, 4,200 sp, +1 scimitar (Hazri PT) Wand belonging to Malikadna (Huecova) Red pearl amulet, 500gp (Tabansi) Potion cure light wounds (Athazog) Potion lesser Restoration (Huecova), Anti toxin (Hazri)

Session 8 (2015/01/24)

5 women, 1 guard, 1 witch are moved from the tower to secure guardhouse and are bound, gagged, stripped of any possessions.

Huecova searches Malikadna’s cabin and finds potions: Vial of anti toxin (Tabansi) 2 potions of CLW (Hazri/Athazog) Potion of Lesser Restoration (Hazri)

Several hours later two cannibal guards came back. One wandered in and got ambushed by the party in a surprise round. Arkin did a partial charge and took him down with one hit. Athazog hit the second cannibal guard who teetered but stayed on his feet. Arkin charged the second guard and hit him - guard died. The party hid the bodies so that they could do another ambush.

Four more cannibal guards appeared on the path. One cannibal guard shouted up to his friend in the tower. Tabansi tried to bluff the guard saying “Hurry up, dinner’s almost ready” but seeing that his bluff failed almost immediately fired an arrow and hit the guard. The four cannibal guards dived into the bushes. The party moved out in order to engage but the guards were hiding. One guard ran out of the bushes and was shot twice by Tabansi but survived and kept running. A second guard burst out of the bushes and tried to escape too. Athazog chased after them, dropped his spear and shot using his composite longbow. He took the injured guard down completely. The second uninjured cannibal guard kept running.

The other two cannibal guards tried to sneak around the back near the skeleton cage. Hazri and Raptor chased one towards Malikadna’s cabin. Between them they took the cannibal guard down. Arkin engaged with the other cannibal guard as Athazog rushed through the jungle towards the noise of battle to join in the fight. Athazog took down the third cannibal guard as soon as he reached him.

The party fetched the rest of their number from the dryad’s place. The party rested up over night.

The next day the party planned how to tackle the enemies believed to be within the pit (Mother Runefang and minions). They planned to toss a body down the pit and shoot anyone that appeared. They threw down the body of Klorak who was killed in the battle to take the lighthouse. The party waited but nothing happened.

Hazri left Raptor aboveground when the party went down the pit. They descended using ropes about 25ft down until they hit the bottom with Hazri and Arkin bravely leading the way. The area they were in opened up into a 30ft radius cavern with a tunnel leading out of it. Huecova put a light on Hazri’s scimitar. The party carefully went down a 110ft tunnel. The tunnel opened up into a 30ft room with 6 alcoves around one side and a tunnel opening opposite to where the party entered. Party marching order was Hazri, Arkin, Huecova, Athazog, Tabansi.

Two weird looking creatures appeared. Hazri cast a Flaming Sphere at one of the creatures. Athazog killed the second creature. Tabansi shot an arrow and killed the first creature. The party searched the cavern and found a note/confession from Captain Kovak where he said he was ensnared by a serpentine woman and betrayed the crew and had been turned into a monster. He asked whoever finds the note to kill him.

The party explored on. The 30ft tunnel led to another cavernous room. A tunnel could be seen immediately to the party’s left. A path around the outside of the room led down to a pool in the lower middle of the room. Two ledges leading to other tunnels were on the right of the cavern up 15ft high off the floor. A second tunnel could also be seen on the left side of the cavern. Hazri led the party as they entered the first tunnel. The tunnel opened up into a big room with 4 pillars in the middle and a pile of bodies/body parts to the south end. There were 2 beasties on the pile of bodies. They came down to attack the party.

Arkin ran across the room hoping to get into a position to flank the beasties. One beastie (that looked like the Captain) attacked him. The other beastie attacked Hazri who was also in the main room. Everyone rushed into the room to melee with the beasties. Huecova cast a Bless on the party. The party hit or shot the beasties wearing down their defences. Athazog was raging and did a mighty hit on one beastie and in the next round on the other beastie to take them both down.

The party explored the rest of cave. 4 pillars going down the middle, 2 cells on either side of room. Huge coiled snake sculpture with an ash covered door in it’s mouth. Vials on floor (the party remembered that Iena had some). The party worked out what the carved symbols on the pillars mean - instructions on how to work the controls to lower the sea levels and wreck ships.

The party left the room and explored the next tunnel on the left. That sloped down and to the west. Oddly shaped cavern with another tunnel leading off to the west and one leading north to one of the ledges originally seen in the main cavern. The party saw a creature dart in and run back the way it came. They followed down this tunnel. The tunnel opened up into a cavern. There’s a sandy beach. Water lapping on beach but no daylight - they are well under the lighthouse. There are some tracks/footprints. The party followed a tunnel north. This tunnel split. The path east led to the second ledge in the big pool room. The path west led to another cavern. The party hear an unearthly shriek. They continued on and encountered four more lacedons in the next cavern.

Two lacedons charged at the party. One clawed at Hazri - hit and did damage but didn’t cause sickness. Athazog hit at another one - did minor damage. The lacedons clawed at Hazri and Athazog. They took damage but both made their fort saves. The other two lacedons charged into the fray. They did significant damage on Arkin. Tabansi fired an arrow at one of the lacedons. He hit and took down one of the lacedons. Three to go!

Hazri attacked the lacedon in front of her and traded hits/damage with it. A magical floating dagger appeared next to Athazog and attacked him. It did no damage. Huecova channelled positive energy against the three lacedons - did minimal damage. Arkin stepped between two lacedons in order to do his signature attack. He backstabbed one - killed it. Two to go!

Atahzog took on the third lacedon and took it down in one gigantic hit. Just one to go!

The last lacedon attacked Hazri who was looking quite injured but stood her ground. Tabansi moved to get a line of fire on the last lacedon. He injured it badly but it was still alive - barely. Hazri took one mighty hit at the last lacedon - it went down.

The spiritual weapon followed Athazog trying to hurt him - and did an annoying amount of damage! The party hears chanting and watched Athazog shake off a mind effect. Huecova channelled positive energy in order to heal the party - only did a couple of points of healing each - but better than nothing.

Arkin went further into the cavern. It was magically dark at the other end. Athazog followed and found another lacedon - the strongest one - the magic user - Mother Runefang. He hit her and did a little damage. Hazri took a potion of CLW and gained back a few necessary HP. Mother Runefang hid in the darkness and when Athazog was adjacent to her - came out and attacked him. She missed with one claw, hit with the other and also managed to bite him. Athazog and Hazri traded blows with Mother Runefang who was hiding in darkness and coming out to attack. Tabansi and Arkin did not have Darkvision so they could not see what was going on once Hazri walked into the magical darkness with the only light source. Mother Runefang managed to hurt and paralyze Hazri. Then, before Huecova could Magic Missile her, she dove down a hole leading to the sea. Huecova quickly channelled healing again. Hazri took a potion of CLW and recovered fully. Huecova channelled one of her spells into a CLW+3 for Athazog. Of the party, only Athazog was still injured.

The party rushed around to the beach area again. There were some footprints on the beach leading out of the water. Mother Runefang was spotted at the other end of the beach. She said “Join me. You have fought well”. The party ignored her and continued the fight.

Mother Thrunefang cast a spell at the party. Hazri and Huecova fell to the spell. They listened to Mother Thrunefang and quite liked what she was saying. They decided not to attack her. They wanted to be *friends* and spoke up entreating the party not to attack her! Tabansi attempted to make Huecova see sense again - by slapping her face a few times in order to shock her out of the spell.

Athazog charged Mother Thrunefang and hit her for significant damage. Then Mother Thrunefang hit back with a claw and a bite and severely injured Athazog. Mother Thrunefang was looking really rocky. Huecova moved in and channelled healing to cure Athazog. Mother Thrunefang channelled negative energy in order to heal herself. She pleaded for friendship one last time. Athazog ignored her plea and took a mighty swing and cut her in half. He looted her body.

Booty: Amulet of natural armour +1 (Athazog PT) A magical ring of some sort (silver and looks like intertwined fish) (PT)

The party searched the rest of the cavern and there was nothing there. They went back upstairs and let the others know. Malikadna saw the ghoul bite on Hazri and congratulated her on going on the path to become a ghoul.

It’s the rainy period. Hazri, Huecova and Athazog head off to the dryad to try and get Hazri cured. However, the dryad is unable to help because she’s never seen this sort of injury before.

XP gained: 160+160+466=786XP (+250XP for all role-playing players present)

Session 9 (2015-02-21)

Where are we?

Camp in the lighthouse. Need to try and heal Hazri.

Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, stabilize Entangle Endure Elements cure light wounds

Flaming sphere Summon Swarm

we head down to the Tide stones the following morning. The Red Mountain Devil is there in its nest. Hazri entangles it whilst the rest of us pour in missile fire. we manage to kill it before it gets to Us. Examining the stones we remember we forgot to bring the bowl. we explore the headland and head back to the lighthouse.

Hazri feels better the following morning.

We try to activate the stones by playing with blood magic. Eventually we activate it. Lightning arcs to the sky. The sea in the Iagoon flushes out exposing the floor. Several sunken ships and a large set of stone doors.

Head down to the doors across the bed of the lagoon. Have to do a bit of wading across shark infested waters. We kill a shark and make way across to shipwreck of the Salty strumpet.

captain of the ship seems to bo some type of goblin. A water mephit. Captain Ekubus . The woman has the head of a snake and a tail. The tide stays low for about half a day.

At the doors. The carvings are of vampire demons feasting on maidens. Probably Azlanti origin. Beyond the doors are stairs going up. Large room at the top. we get attacked by skeletons on a bridge. Tabansi sees a trap door with a big leaver which he runs over to lift. The doors to the outside close. One skeleton is flaming sphered by Hazri and then killed by Athazog with a sling.

Tabansi opens the trap door and finds a small cavern. 10ft drop . Mineral deposits, bones and water in the cave. Looks like there are carvings behind the minerals. the last skeleton Jumps off the bridge and is killed by Athazog . the skeletons are of serpent folk.

Cavern is full of human bodies. A couple of dolls come out of a hole. they start levitating and throwing daggers. Tabansi pulls out.

Go through the double doors, which are leaking blood. Up the stairs almost into a pit trap. Up the other way to a room with serpent runes which none of us can understand. Then into room of skeletons. We kill these off and clear out that side of the complex. Heading over the bridge we find more pit traps the a set of double doors.

Beyond the doors is an oval room with a pool of blood in the middle and a set of 2ft holes in the walls. There are four pillars, and Tabansi spots some buttons on the pillars. Stepping into the room a metal sheet slams down behind him, leaving him stuck in the dark. Tabansi presses one of the buttons and after a while the doors open.

Athazog then steps in and the trap is sprung again and Tabansi hears scrabbling from the holes. Dolls start coming out of the walls. We get the doors open again as battle commences.

The dolls are killed, inside them are rubies. They are probably soul bound dolls. The doors close again and scythes swing down from the ceiling hitting some of us.

We get out, and through to the next room which is a temple with rivers of blood. Inside is a snake woman, Ieana, and a number of skeletons. She casts mirror image. Everyone is stuck at the door fighting the skeletons, and Tabansi runs through them and goes for Ieana. She tries a spell against him which fails, the she tries against Athazog, and commands him to protect her, which he does. Tabansi tries to talk him out of it, swinging at Ieana and getting rid of an image. She then dominates Tabansi, commanding him to flee, which he does.

He flees into the darkness and cowers in the passage. Meanwhile Hazri summons a spider swarm that covers the serpent woman and Athazog. Eventually she commands Athazog to kill Hazri, activates something next to a statue and vanishes. The spiders fall to the ground.

Athazog is hit by a tangle foot bag. He escapes and is taken down by the swarm before he can carry out his orders. The serpent sorceress is seen escaping in gaseous form before anyone can do anything to stop her.

Tabanzi tries to make it across one of the pit traps, but fails and falls into it.

Session 10 ( 2015/03/28)

l drink a potion of healing, which doesn't do much. We all flee from the place and head back to camp. some of the notes grabbed tell of the city of Saventh-Yhi, which was lost a long time ago. We heal up and head back to be the Dryad to try and find help.

we head back to the temple. Getting across the pits we enter the shrine There is a huge white dragon in there .

Ieana begins descending in gaseous form as some people claim the dragon is an illusion

We have a crap fight. Eventually we take her down enough that she covers the lips of the statue with her blood and turns gaseous. In a final desperate attempt Hasri hits her with her flaming blade and she dies.

Sasha and Tabansi use the statue to turn gaseous and find our way to another small room with another statue and lots of carvings.

Scroll of Divination scroll of Restoration Card from deck of illusions-harpy Candle of Truth Incense of meditation potion of water breathing Scrolls of Augury x2 Scroll comprehend Lang Scroll CMW x2 Scroll of Find traps Scroll of Lesser Restoration x2 Scroll of Remove Disease Ring of Mind Shielding Waterproof scroll tube 250 gp

unholy symbol of Ydersius 18 pp

Lots of notes

Beyond the temple is a dark lake far below. There are ways out far above, There are things swimming in the water.

Make it back to the lighthouse we light the light and attract the red gull. captain is willing to take us back to Eleder

We find a wizard named Ek' Tura who helps us translate the notes that we found. The notes suggest that the way to the lost city is through magical portals in the city of Tazien

Several organisations offer to fund an expedition to find the city once word gets out.

Pathfinder society Red Mantis Assassins Sargava Government Free Captains Aspis Consortium

We chose the pathfinders but allow Sasha to tag along.

Wayfinder compass can be used as a light spell and a normal compass.

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