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Serpent's Skull

A Pathfinder campaign following the Serpent's Skull adventure path. This is a face to face tabletop game which we've been playing once a month since the summer of 2014.

The notes for this have been principally from the viewpoint of Tabansi, a half-elven Mwangi ranger. They are copied from Google Docs, so are missing some formatting and images, and tend to be quite variable in terms of detail over the course of the campaign.

More recent right-ups can be found in Tabansi's Journal.



Half-elf Mwangi ranger, specialised in bow and being very sneaky. He is especially good at finding his way around old ruins, especially subterranean ones, and has a particular hatred for undead and unnatural humanoids.


Halfling rogue, weak but good at darting up behind our enemies and them running away before they can hit him back. He can sometimes be a bit too enthusiastic for his own good, and often gets himself into a lot more trouble than he can cope with.


Half-orc Barbarian, with a very simplistic view of the world. Likes to wade into battle and taking them down with brute force.


Human Cleric of Sarenrae. Without him, we all would have died many times over during the course of the campaign.


Human(ish) Wizard Diviner, who normally provides spells to improve the rest of the party or to summon in aid from dinosaurs or elementals.

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