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Full Thrust

Full Thrust

Full Thrust is a space combat wargame published by Ground Zero Games. It is a fast and simple system, designed to simulate battle by capital ships rather than fighters. As such, fighter combat is highly abstracted.

Most of the material on this site is very old - my very first idea for a website was actually to concentrate on material for Full Thrust. I haven't played Full Thrust for several years, and though things have been given a new look, a lot of the content is quite old.


Major Human Nations

Eurasian Solar Union Federal Stats Europa New Anglian Confederation Neu Swabian League

Minor Human Nations

Imperial Japanese Navy Scandinavian Federation Ravagers

Other Fleets

Civilian Vessels - Merchant and other civilian vessels found throughout knownspace. They are rarely restricted to a single nation or organisation.

Raider Fleet - A small fleet of civilian ships captured by pirates and upgraded with enough armaments to raid civilian convoys and lightly defended outposts.

Star Wars - Some More Thrust designs for Star Destroyers and conversions for Star Wars fighters.

Babylon 5 - Some rough conversion rules for Babylon 5 technology, using Fleet Book rules.



Fleets of '97 - Photographs of Neu Swabian League and Federal States of Europe fleets from 1997.

Narn and Centauri - Some photographs of some of my B5 Wars models.

External Resources

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