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Neu Swabian League

The Neu Swabian League is one of the four major powers of human space. It is mostly made up of the old Germanic nations that stayed together after the split of the EU in 2101. It is closely allied with the NAC, and the old rivalries with the FSE often break out into war.

The Core Fleet

The Neu Swabian League relies on armour and strong hulls for protection, mixed with a good selection of beam and pulse weapons. Fighters are the main means of anti-fighter defence.

Most NSL ships use three rows of hull, similar to the USN. Jump-2 drives are the norm, and only one ship has a thrust above 4.

Escort Vessels

Escort vessels are generally delegated to support roles in the NSL fleets, and aren't expected to necessarily stand against similar ships of enemy navies. However, this does mean they are over-gunned for their size, with relatively weak hulls, so when supported by cruisers and fighter screens they can be deadly.

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