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Skill Jacking at Neon


Employees of Stenmore Minerals Incorporated have been accused of involvement in a skill jacking ring at Neon (Reft / 0216). Several of the accused were killed shortly after the crash of their ship the the Clear Skies, captained by Hambley Tommerman. The crash was caused by an EMP bomb smuggled aboard the ship, though who placed it there is not known, but the crash allowed five of the kidnapped victims to escape, though seven others were killed.

The EMP blast also took out a small research station on Neon, and caused the attack of local wildlife which resulted in the deaths of most of those stationed there. It was actually the heroic actions of the escapees that drove off the dangerous wildlife, though Captain Hambley Tommerman, and Dr Telford Abergevenny, both implicated in the skill jacking ring, were killed.

The skill jacked were believed to have been destined for the crystal deep mining station at the ice giant world of Mestiphol, around the second star of the Neon system, a site which has historically had difficulty in finding people willing to work in the harsh conditions there. An Imperial investigation reported nothing out of the ordinary there though, and Ardassi Metals LIC who own it claim that most of the work is now performed by remotes.

Dr Asharu Idaasha Kaazaki, an employee of Ardassi Metals LIC at the time, is wanted for questioning concerning the skill jacking ring. Our sources indicate that Dr Kaazaki may have been responsible for masterminding the operation, with the aid of the Vargr captain Ekhaghaen Gakos of the Darkened Paw (a 200t A2 Far Trader).

When asked for comment Ardassi Metals claimed that Dr Kaazaki was operating alone on unsanctioned projects, and is no longer employed by the company.

Bounty Reward

Ardassi Metals Inc have posted an award of Cr100,000 for the capture and live return of an ex-employee named Dr Asharu Idaasha Kaazaki. It is claimed that he is responsible for a skill jacking ring at Neon, and several other illegal projects that he ran without the knowledge of the company whilst in their employ.

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