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World's Reach

This is a Traveller campaign using Mongoose Traveller rules, and set in the Trojan Reach sector. It's a monthly game that started with a group of players met at New Zealand World Con for a one-shot of the Flatlined adventure.

Current date for the campaign is right at the end of 1105. My sessions notes for the game can be found over on my blog.

Introduction to Traveller


Una de Braose

Administrator, Lawyer and HR representative. Has spent her entire life on habitats, and doesn't like planets.

Micaela "Micky" Andreescu

Investigator from Tobia, she is used to dealing with the darker side of society.


Biologist, made partially famous for a paper she wrote on the 'Thinker' species found on Neon.

Ninji Shalamrash

Ex-starship crew and habitat engineer who has decided to do something more interesting with her life when she met the group at Scaladon.


Outcast female Aslan from Tyokh, who has been wandering the border worlds looking for adventure, excitement and a reasonable income.

Previous Characters

Betina Silva

Scout pilot, who has decided to stay behind on Ocean View at Scaladon.




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